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posted in news on 9 April 2009

The most advanced diamond patterned technology in the world.
Not just another catch phrase, “Zenesis” patterned diamond technology truly is the most advanced innovation in the diamond tool
industry. In standard diamond segments the diamonds fall in random locations leaving some areas of the segment crowded with
diamonds and other areas empty. With patented “Zenesis” technology each and every diamond is placed exactly where optimum
performance can be achieved. This strategic placement ensures that every diamonds full potential is reached. No diamond falls
out of the segment until it is completely used, extending the life of the blade. With perfect spacing between the diamonds creating
channels, cut material is carried away, letting the blade cut more efficiently and adding speed to the cutting process. By optimizing
each diamonds usefulness, “Zenesis” truly is the leader in diamond blade performance.

Zenesis Technology:
A New Generation of
Diamond Tools
• Delivers optimally
customized patterns of
diamonds for specific
• Maximizes product
• Significantly improves
both cutting speed and
blade life.
• Enables cost-effective
mass production.
• Is protected by patented

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