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Priority diamond blades

posted in products on 11 February 2009

Priority Diamonds site now live

With too many products for our diamond products categories on the main Priority Plant we have launched the Priority Diamonds website. Priority diamonds has one of the largest ranges of diamond blades aimed at the professional user available on the market. Inside the online store you will see the floowing categories which contain the following: Masonry saw diamond blades for use on diamond tile saws, brick saws, block saws, stone saws, specialist marble and granite saws and bridge saws. In this section we cater for anyone cutting materials such as tiles, slate, glass, granite, marble, refractories, block paviors, house brick, engineering brick, concrete test cores, breeze block, concrete block, roof tiles and more. Our Floor saw diamond blades cover the needs of the contractor using a small 350mm 14" floor saw for utility work right upto the professional diamond drilling contractor using a self propelled saw with a 1200mm diamond blade. This section contains general asphalt and concrete diamond blades in the most common 350mm and 450mm sizes, Specialist green concrete diamond blades for the concrete flooring contractor needing to cut freshly laid concrete, looping blades for extra wide cuts for cable laying and our Zenesis technology 600 to 900mm diameter diamond blades for the higher powered floorsaws of 35hp and above. Zenesis mostly known as genesis diamond blades really do what they say and will cut faster and last longer than any diamond blade out there due to the patented zenesis patterned diamond technology which produces diamond segments with optimally positioned diamonds giving that faster cut. The Stihl saw and disc cutter diamond blades section is devoted to the 300mm 12" diamond blade offering a huge range of choice suited to users ranging from the weekend DIY enthusiast wanting a cheaper blade for a small project, to the contractor needing a specific diamond blade dedicated to one material or something like our Site Pro diamond blade aimed at the user facing all materials. The Site Pro really is a multi purpose diamond blade which can quite happily be used on reinforced concrete, house brick, asphalt and more making it the ideal blade for the general contractor or a great safety measure if you have workers on site who will use diamond blades on anything without thinking which can cost you money if for example you have a concrete blade that has been used to cut ashpalt. Our angle grinder diamond blades feature very much the same as the stihl and disc cutter range but obviously with the smaller sizes suited to the 4.5", 5" and 9" angle grinders. Zenesis technology is continued into our wall saw diamond blades and so far during on site tests the Zenesis wall saw blade has not been beaten by any other diamond blade manufacturer for pure cutting speed and life by a long way!, the Zenesis wall saw blades are available in 600mm, 750mm and 900mm diameters. We have 2 categories for diamond core bits, the first being for the dry diamond cores which are commonly used by building and plumbing contractors for dry drilling perfect round holes in brick and block for pipework and ventilation purposes. Wet diamond cores are available with 1/2" BSP and 1 1/4" UNC fittings for professional users with diamond core drilling rigs and motors for drilling holes in concrete and asphalt upto 1200mm. Custom lengths are available upon request for special applications and also we can offer a re tipping service if required. We carry the full range of genuine ICS diamond chain for the whole range of ICS petrol and hydraulic diamond chainsaws in each of the 3 specifications brick and block, general purpose and premium for heavily reinforced concrete. Being genuine ICS diamond chain you receive a full back up service should you need specialist advice or any diamond chain repair. Our ring saw and pre cutting diamond blades section contains ring saw blades for the Partner and Husqvarna ring saws. Ring saw blades are supplied with centre drive rings and are suited to both the petrol and hydraulic ring saws and the 400mm pre cutting blades suited to the Partner and Husqvarna K2500 hydraulic pre cutting saw to pre cut a slot before entry with the ring saw. We have a comprehensive range of diamond grinding heads from cup grinding wheels suited to angle grinders; single row, double row and turbo cups and the larger 250mm diameter diamond floor grinding heads for surface removal using floor grinding machines. Away from the concrete cutting and asphalt cutting we have a range of electro plated blades coated with fine diamond grit for the cutting of plastics, GRP, carbon fibre and cement boards etc from small sizes such as 25mm upto 350mm diameter.

We feel that we can cater for most applications and but if you need any diamond product that we do not list please do contact us as it is highly likely that we possibly have it or can help you.

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