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About Priority Plant

We are a young dynamic company that pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our markets. Our experience and knowledge of products takes us from being an average Joe to a global shining example of excellence!

Based in Melton Mowbray and boasting a 40,000 sq ft workshop, we have been become global leaders in our industry supplying:
  • Priority Plant out of hours support for construction equipmentRoad Sweepers
  • Municipal Vehicles
  • Diamond Products
  • Hand Tools
  • Construction Equipment
  • Vehicle Accessories

As boys with toys we have tried, tested and played with all our product lines so we can tell you, our customer, precisely how to use any of our extensive product range. We think and work outside the normal remit with a ‘Can Do’ attitude so we can offer that extra service, be it: advice, painting machinery in your corporate colours, labels, out of hours service and super fast delivery. We trade with foresight and an emphasis on customer satisfaction which makes Priority Plant a leader of our market.

Meet the team

Name: Oliver Newton

Oliver Newton, Priority PlantHobbies: Mountain biking and long adventures with his Alaskan Malamutes. For those not in the know, they are two beautiful, fluffy, wolf looking, doggies.

Likes: Greek & Italian food, beer, wine, the English countryside and the Greek islands.

Dislikes: Spiders, snakes and the smell of lamb when it’s cooking. This joint of meat turns his stomach so badly he would rather smell the insides of a public toilet.

Synopsis: A fine paletted adventurer who can cook you up a God like dish. Just not Lamb Kleftiko.

Name: Nick Sim

Nick-Sim-Priority-PlantHobbies: Golf, Mountain biking and the ‘Viking Challenge’

Likes: New challenges, especially before or after a good and proper English fry up, no holds barred.

Dislikes: Green vegetables, peas and sweetcorn mixed together then served with every dinner.

Also not a fan of ignorant people or snakes. Especially on the mountain bike trails.

Synopsis: A fast peddler spurred on by the great British staple.

Name: Paul Jackson

Paul-Jackson-Priority-PlantHobbies: Most weekends you will find him rip - roaring across the land, racing motor cross bikes. If not then he could be in his man cave – otherwise known as his caravan.

Likes: Chinese, KFC, Maccy D’s and anything that can clog an artery and provide comfort. Basically he likes food but not the healthy kind. Tomatoes are a particular no-no.

Dislikes: Center Parcs and being told what to do.

Synopsis: A fast food, tearaway with a mind of his own.

Name: Rob Cooper

Rob-Cooper-Priority-PlantHobbies: His dog. Walking his dog, a Springer Spaniel named George; a good, honest dog’s name. Also enjoys weekends away and his favourite place is Gretna Green where he got married. But not to George.

Likes: Rogan Josh, Biryani, Bhuna or... let’s just say that Rob likes his curry.

Dislikes: People that don’t look after their dogs and goats cheese because it tastes like filthy feet.

Synopsis: A humble animal lover with a spicy inner.

Name: Riley & Milo

Priority Plant RileyHobbies: Priority Plant MiloLong walks, fun adventures and stalking animals; especially in Belvoir Woods.

Likes: Cheese and women.

Dislikes: Pussy cats and next doors dog with a passion.

Synopsis: A fluffy duo of dairy loving babe magnets.

Our Range of Sweepers